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Armes Europeennes: Histoire d une collection au musée du Louvre (French Edition)

Philippe Malgouyres

Le Format: Hardcover

La langue: French

Pages: 192

Éditeur: Gourcuff Gradenigo (November 30, 2014)

ISBN: 2353401813

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From the sword of Charlemagne, one of the most popular Kings to have ruled over France, to the post-impressionist painter Gaugin's dagger, this collection has over 300 pieces of art or arms to offer.

The great majority are unknown to the general public for they have been kept in different institutions. For the first time, this collection can be presented as a whole.

These works of art conceived in Italy by Antonio del Pallaiuolo and the Negrolies, are presented next to royal arms, such as the French King, Charles the Ninth's, golden helmet, academics' swords, memories of Napoleon, Emporor of France, and all sorts of other curiosities.

Interestingly, this collection was not put in place with the aim to create a benchmark for similar collections, but simply grew larger through revolutions and collectors' donations. In some cases, the collection is a witness to the Nation's history, in others, simply memories of amateurs' taste during the 19th century, but in any case it possesses a unique physiognomy, put forth in the pages of this book.

Readers and the public will thus be introduced to these arms and armours long forgotten, but also to those who created, used and collected them.

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